Sebastian Marketing Basics

Basic List Building for Your E-Newsletter

Buying leads have been rampant and it has been annoying to everyone. This could be the root of spam emails. There are companies who collect email addresses and sell them to other companies who need these addresses for them to send emails or e-newsletters. Obviously, this is not the right way to get leads. Though […]

Google Authorship: Reciprocal Links are Now Significant

Reciprocal Links have not been encouraged as a way to raise your page ranking or your position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but Google is now posting its significance in their new way to discover great content and properly recognize sites that are truly informative as well as the people who write and […]

Have You Heard of the Facebook Ban Bot?

It has affected a lot of businesses and personal accounts in Facebook. It aims to eliminate spamming in one of the most famous social networking site. Sounds good, but did the Facebook Ban Bot really do its job? Yes, it helped lessen if not eradicate spamming within the site. It went against poor content and […]

Make Your E-newsletter Efficient!

It is a fact that e-newsletters are the electronic or online versions of printed newsletters, but they have a huge difference in terms of structure and format. You cannot just send a print newsletter as an e-newsletter as it is. People read print documents and online documents in different ways. People checking online do not […]

Social Media Optimization: A Threat to Search Engines?

There have been talks about Social Media Optimization (SMO), that it has been threatening to Search Engines. SMO is all about using social media in promoting your site, products, and services. Question is, how could it be a threat to the search engines? It would be best to make this a part of our Internet […]

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